Senior Employment Services

Senior Employment Services provides training and employment of low-income persons through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and is funded by a grant under Title V of the Older Americans Act. Adults over 55 years old, and who meet certain low income requirements,  receive on-the-job training at a variety of nonprofit community service or public organizations at no cost to these agencies.  Program participants are able to re-enter the labor market and revitalize old skills or learn new skills that may not have been available to them at the time of their initial career choice. With their new work experience,  enrollees in the Title V program will ultimately  become members of the nation’s workforce and can once again contribute to the community’s economy.

The program pays for 20 hours of work per week at a wage no more than minimum age within Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes.

Each enrollee is counseled, pre-screened, and placed in job categories according to their specific employment objectives and skills. Coaching is provided to enhance interview skills and resume preparation.  The applicants are matched with area businesses and agencies who contact our organization for their employment needs.