Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services provide midday meals every weekday to eligible seniors at their homes or neighborhood senior center.   The meals are hot, ready to eat and represent one third of the daily nutrition requirements for a senior adult. To be eligible to participate in the programs, seniors must not be able to prepare or procure their own meals. The meals at the center, otherwise known as congregate meals, allow seniors to engage with their friends and partake in activities of the center. For our seniors who cannot leave the house, we offer home delivered meals. Our trained delivery team checks up on our home bound seniors and provide much needed engagement.

 There is no charge for the meal program, although seniors are encouraged to contribute toward the cost of the meals according to their own capacity.

The nutrition department utilizes the services of a Louisiana licensed dietician to plan the menus and ensure sound nutrition.




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Jefferson Council on Aging is fortunate to have the supplemental funding from community minded partners who donated to our Senior Meals Program. We recognize the generosity of:




Goldring Family Foundation


…plus many individual donors who extended our reach to many seniors in need. Thank you for nourishing our seniors!!