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JCOA has found that many citizens and residents of Jefferson Parish are not yet aware of the Jefferson Council on Aging or the many services and benefits that we provide.  We would welcome the opportunity to present to you what we can offer as a service organization for senior citizens in the Parish. If you’d like for a representative of JCOA to present to your organization, please contact Al Robichaux, Executive Director (arobichaux@jcoa.net), or Greg White, Development Director (gwhite@jcoa.net).

Be prepared for heat!! We hope that our seniors hydrate and limit outdoor activity in the very hot hours of the day. It is also hurricane season. Gather your vital documents, have transportation planned if you do not drive and have a designated place to ride out the storm if the need to evacuate becomes necessary.Click here for further hurricane preparation information

We thank all our donors, volunteers and advocates that enable Jefferson Council on Aging to sustain our programs and services. We truly appreciate all you do. From delivering meals and sending letters to your Senators and House Representatives, to sending in your annual donations and purchasing sponsorships and tickets for our Annual Senior Moments, every area of support counts. You make a difference – thank you. 

All The Best,

Al Robichaux
Executive Director


Our Executive Director, Al Robichaux and Board Member, Jim Thomas at Mall day


JCOA provides local services to seniors including meal programs, transportation, social engagement, wellness seminars and much more!


A Few Words From Sidney

JCOA is the Meals On Wheels operator for Jefferson Parish. Home meal delivery is about much more than just food.
Watch Sidney describe what it means to him.


Thanks to our Kind Supporters!

Please Click Here to Support the Jefferson Council on Aging!

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in volunteering for our Meals On Wheels home delivery program, we require a strong commitment to weekday 8-12 availability.MORE